So as a novice (well, well below novice)  in the boating world, I sat at the admin. assistant desk listening to these designers & builders talk to each other.  They laughed and joked in what seemed to me at the time a private language!  I knew they were speaking English, but the words were totally foreign to me.  This began my beautiful beginnings into the boating world.  Little did I know what a fantastic journey I was about to go on & where I would end up and the incredibly intelligent people I would meet.

After a few years I realized that boat/yacht designers are some of THE most intelligent, gifted & amazing thinkers I have had the pleasure of getting to work with every day!  I never really realized what went into designing even the simplest of rowboats.

I walked with Dennis Fogg past sailboats, power boats & Fogg crafts in his yard and into this amazing boat shop, which the smell should be a candle, that fresh milled & cut lumber smell, few things smell better.  The planer, band saw, assorted other power tools all are in their places with various projects in various states of completion hanging around them waiting for their turn to be needed or finished.  Then as I turned the corner to the left a beautiful red lapstrake power boat was sitting in wait for her turn for attention from Dennis or his boat builder & designer son, Patrick.

A few more steps and a large dark red almost maroon transom is high above my head.  It states “Lucky Lady” in white letters from Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Originally a Stanley Lobster Boat, she is sitting HIGH in the Fogg boat shop being converted into a glorious luxury yacht, with the stipulation that from the outside she stay true to her lines and style and will continue to look like a working lobster boat!  Her majesty takes up almost the entire side of the shop.  She is gorgeous, looking like a true lady, keeping all of her working days a secret inside hull of this princess.  She is like a race horse that is getting spoiled rotten in a green pasture for life.  Unlike the race horse, though, this “Lucky Lady” is getting the Fogg’s Boatworks touch, which is delicate and classy.  The Fogg’s are known for their classic taste and working knowledge of both working boats as well as pleasure boats.  She will also get to have the wide open water as her “pasture” for a very long time hopefully passed through generations!!!


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