The Boat Shop

So many variables go into designing a boat, that I, as a layperson (so to speak) would not dare to venture to name them.  I know that absolute perfection is 100% required.  After a design is put onto paper or into the computer it can be lofted, which is a way of taking a drawing, “blowing” it up and drawing it life-sized on a lofting board.  Each drawing has a scale to which to follow…every single tiny detail on paper is blown up to that scale, which means if there is a fractioin of error it will be “blown up” and be a large error on the board.  That is just one little, tiny example of the mind blowing difficulty of just transferring a drawing!  Developing one is 3000 times harder!

Dennis Fogg has seemed to me to be the guy who works hard, always, but is always thinking!  Thinking of a better design for a better piece of furniture, a berth in a boat, and the boat itself.  After lobster fishing and working in boat yards for years he designed the Fogg Craft in 26’ & 28’.  This incredible boat has a unique feature…every piece of the boat & engine can be reached and/or removed to be repaired in 30 minutes!  What a wonderful idea for the guy who is repairing your Fogg Craft!!  What a great idea for the owner who sees the small times on the repair bills!  This boat is also made of aluminum, which is 100% recycleable!  If something happens to these boats, you can recycle the hull and most of the boat!  Amazing!!!

Patrick Fogg is also a hard working young man.  He worked with his father and studied at the same school as his father, studying boatbuilding & designing.  Pat even was the first student who designed and built his own boat during school!!!  His “Down East” tender is a thing of beauty, nicknamed in the shop by the other boatbuilding students as “The Sexy Beast,” noting her sexy curves and stunning complex curves in the bow!

Now these 2 gentlemen have joined together to create the “River Slipper,” or as us Mainah’s say….Rivah Slippah!  It’s a sleek double spoon-bow boat.  It’s meant for easy entry into the water and will be light as air!  I will keep you posted of every step these gentlemen take in her building!  She is coming to life along side the


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