The New England Heat

I am lucky enough to live deep down east in Maine, which means most of the severe weather misses us.  Sometimes we get our own severe weather patterns that no one else gets, but this New England heat wave is missing us, thank goodness!  When I think of being overheated like that, I think that no matter what the temperature is on land it is ALWAYS cooler on the water.  Which makes what boat builders do even more magical to me. 

People walk by boats at a harbor sometimes seeing them, sometimes just walk right by them, sometimes even just say “Hey, that’s a pretty red boat!” without a thought to how much went into that “red boat” sitting in that slip.  The owner may or may not know.  He does know one thing for sure, if he is HOT, he can get into that boat slide it into the body of water of his choice and cool off just about instantly.  As sure as he will freeze in the late fall when he or she (sorry) can’t resist that last spin before winterizing their boat.  And this is some of the reasons I believe why that is!

The curves of the hull, are complex, literally & figuratively.  They are not there by chance, each and every plank, piece of aluminum or bronze bolt is carefully placed for a reason, either for areodynamics, weight or looks.  I have watched my share of boats being designed & built.  Some for pleasure, some for fishing, some for sailing and some for rowing.  Getting back to the curves, next time you look at a boat or a ship…..stop for a second….I know it’s corny…look at the bow (the front) and look and the curves that reach down to the bottom of the boat and to the back of the boat.  Those are complex curves.  Most (not all) boats have curves that bend 2 ways, they bend in and up toward the tip of the bow to cut through the waves.  It is NOT an easy thing to bend planks of wood to do that….you have to steam them, but that’s another story!  It’s a very carefully and painstakingly process to develop the correct curve for the boat being designed… you want speed? do you want the boat the ride close to the top of the water? it’s a decision up to the designer, but it’s not something anyone thinks about when they walk by that boat at the dock! 

Please, next time you walk by that boat, or your boat…look at those curves going toward the bow and give a nod toward the designer of your magnificent vessel!  No matter the size, color, condition or where it is!  Someone took a LOT of brain power to sit and design that boat for you to enjoy!


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