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The creative process always amazes me.  I used to think that someone would sit at an easel and paint a painting at one sitting!  Imagine!  Maybe that’s why I knew that I wouldn’t ever be able to draw or paint anything!  I remember taking an English class in high school and on the final exam we were told to “Write A Poem,” no advanced warning and at 40% of our grade, I remember thinking to myself…”well, I hope I did perfectly on the rest of the test! I left that space BLANK.”

I’ve talked to yacht & boat designers in the midst of their own creative process.   It’s really a beautiful thing.  Nothing on a boat is ever “just there,” NOTHING.  Everything has a function, otherwise it would be deadweight and at today’s gas prices, nobody wants that burden!  I know, I know boring, right, stuff that everyone knows already.  But these people are geniuses!!!  I swear, they have to know so many things, water displacement, shapes, curves, what materials would compliment their design the best, they even have to know how big the propeller needs to be to have effective movement.  There are even books & seminars JUST on propeller size!  A very dear friend of mine, Dave Gerr, wrote one “The Propeller Handbook”  He is one of those design geniuses I told you about.

Dennis Fogg has a unique perspective on design in my opinion.  He has passed down it down to his incredibly intelligent son, Patrick.  I really count myself lucky to know this family.  They have a great way of getting things done.  They don’t cut corners and they will never let anything leave their shop unless it is perfect.  Their original designed boats are to be honest, some of the best I have ever seen!  The attention to detail is exquisite and with the customer in mind.  The original Fogg Craft was designed so that everything in & on the boat can be reached and/or removed in 30min. to be repaired or replaced.  This cuts down on the customer’s time without his boat and the guy’s time & frustration who is fixing the boat!  To me only a top notch genius would think of that when drawing out a design.   If you don’t know a yacht/boat designer…follow us on facebook or twitter & watch their creative process with their new boat the ….River Slipper!……You will be soooooo impressed!  Promise!


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